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May 2016

InnovateNYP: Pediatric App Challenge to Launch on March 12

Stan Hum, Jen Busse and Matt Monteleone

For the past two years, department members Lena Sun, MD, Matthew Monteleone, MD, and Jennifer Busse, NP, along with Stanley Hum, MD, from the PICU have been working to develop, refine, and roll out the OuchApp – a mobile device app to guide non- anesthesiologists through the basic principles of pediatric pain assessment and management.  This past March, Drs. Monteleone and Hum entered the InnovateNYP Pediatric Appathon and won first place (78 participants in 17 teams competed in the competition).  They teamed up with user experience and graphic design experts to design, over a period of about a day and a half, an app to guide parents through the pre-, peri-, and post-operative periods.  Members of the team are now working on a more comprehensive app which will be entered in the Pediatric App Challenge which concludes in May.


Congratulations to our new Chief Residents for 2016/17

Peter Fu, Jerri Chen, Lauren Rosenberg and Matt Pavelic



Dr. Mikami is Awarded FAER Mentored Research Training Grant (MRTG)  for July 2016

Congratulations to Maya Mikami, MD, PhD, MPH for being awarded the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) 2-year Mentored Research Training Grant (MRTG)-Basic Science, for her proposal entitled “Control of the airway smooth muscle cell cytoskeleton by gelsolin: a potential novel therapeutic target for bronchoconstrictive diseases” to begin July 2016.










April 2016

Getting to know you….Carlos Cusi, Chief, Pediatric Anesthesia Technician

Officially, Carlos is the chief technician at CHONY.  His responsibilities include providing supervision of the anesthesia technician team at CHONY, coordinating their assignments.  In addition, he is responsible for maintaining inventory of all supplies, and keeping the equipment in working order.   He monitors the available supplies and orders them so that we are assured there will always be a constant adequate stock of needed supplies.  He supervises the technician staff at CHONY in processing equipment for decontamination and disinfection to be in regulatory compliance. He works closely with the pediatric anesthesia faculty to obtain quotes, trial the equipment we may need to use in the OR and other anesthetizing locations (infusion pumps, airway equipment, ultrasound machines, and others).  He maintains the equipment so that they are in good working order, and is the liaison with Biomedical department for troubleshooting or repair of equipment.  All of these job descriptions all come down to one thing, while Carlos does not provide anesthesia care for children, we cannot provide anesthesia care without his commitment, dedication and special brand of professionalism.  He is the unsung hero at Pediatric Anesthesia.  What he does is to make the entire Pediatric Anesthesia team, including attendings, CRNAs, fellows and residents, always prepared and fully supported when we provide anesthesia for children at NYP, no matter when or where.

Carlos says that first of all he thanks God for all the things he has given him.  On his free time he enjoys spending time with his two wonderful sons Kevin and Bryan and with his beautiful wife Beatriz.  He also enjoys hiking.  He also spends some of his vacation time doing medical missions to Peru and Mexico.




Meghan Prin - UJMT Fogarty Global Health Fellowship 2016-2017

Meghan Prin has been selected as a 2016-17 Fogarty Global Health Research Fellow. This program is an 11-month mentored clinical research training program sponsored by the NIH Fogarty International Center and other NIH Institutes. Her project, entitled "Critical Care Services in Resource Poor Settings: Critical illness severity and outcomes," will be carried out in Lilongwe, Malawi, under the mentorship of Dr. Guohua Li of Columbia and Dr. Anthony Charles of the University of North Carolina-Project Malawi. This is the first time that the Fogarty fellowship has been awarded to an anesthesiologist, and Meghan will be the first Fogarty fellow to conduct critical care research. Congratulations to Meghan – this is wonderful news and we are all so very proud of her.  Her Fellowship fits very nicely with our Departmental interest in Global Health; we have initiated a new Fellowship Program at the Instructor level under the leadership of Dr. Julia Sobol.  Further information on this Fellowship can be obtained from Dr. Sobol or Jennifer Cardone (









The 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations have been announced, and our Dr. Peter Salgo has been nominated for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host

Dr. Salgo has been the Host of Second Opinion on PBS for the past 12 years. Prior to that, he was the Health and Science Correspondent for Channel 2 News in New York (WCBS TV), and the Anchor of America’s Vital Signs” on CNBC.

The Awards ceremony will be held on the evening of May 1, 2016 in Los Angeles. It will be broadcast as a live stream.

Congratulations to Peter!







March 2016

Dr. Robert Whittington has been appointed Executive Senior Editor for the Geriatric Anesthesia Section of Anesthesia and Analgesia effective January 1, 2016

He is directly responsible for coordinating the peer-review process and assessing the publication suitability of all geriatric anesthesia-related manuscripts submitted to A & A.  This is the first time a section of A & A is being dedicated to practice of geriatric anesthesia, and this important editorial endeavor complements Dr. Whittington’s NIH-funded research as well as his professional involvement with the Society for the Advancement of Geriatric Anesthesia (SAGA).









George Gallos …. Article in Columbia Medicine

A wonderful article in Columbia Medicine highlighted our very own George Gallos, and his contributions to improvements in Patient Safety in terms of preterm delivery- why mothers deliver early.

See the article here.











Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology (SOAP) National Awards!

Congratulations to Allison Lee, Ruth Landau and Marie-Louise Meng for receiving prestigious grant awards from SOAP!

Marie-Louise Meng Ruth Landau Allison Lee



February 2016


Getting to know you….Ben Silver

Ben Silver has just moved to the big city and begun working to help with the newly formed Certified IT Group for Anesthesiology.  He will be responsible for coordinating support across the department and is in charge of the Anesthesiology Certified IT Group, reporting to Dr. Berman.

Ben has worked in technology and support for as long as he has been working.  He's been at startups, private high schools, and even Apple. Dr. Wood says that she does not need to go to the Apple “genius bar” anymore!

In his free time (whenever he can snag a lunch break) he likes to walk around and explore the city, see concerts and museums, and write terrible songs and poems.

Feel free to reach out with your phone questions, computer problems, and philosophical conundrums




Three new faculty started in January…welcome Drs. Chiu, Miltiades and Vail!

Felicia Y. Chiu
Emily A. Vail
Drs. Vail & Miltiades
Andrea Miltiades



January 2016

The Department of Anesthesiology wishes everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!



New AUA Members

The Columbia Department of Anesthesiology has 5 new AUA members.  Drs. Yocum, Kim, Ing, Hua and Danielsson were elected to AUA Associate Membership in December. “Young AUA” is a new type of membership to encourage junior faculty to attend the AUA annual meeting, network and meet academic faculty from all over the U.S. on both an academic but also social level. Congratulations!

More information about the AUA can be accessed at


Retirement Celebration for Dr. Robert Sladen and Dr. Eric Heyer

The Department held a retirement party for Drs. Sladen and Heyer on November 30th, 2015, which was attended by colleagues, friends and family.  We all wish them success and happiness for the next stage of their lives.


December 2015

The Simulation Center Opened on Tuesday, October 6th!

Several years ago, Dr. Margaret Wood envisioned creating a unique learning space for anesthesiology residents, fellows, and faculty. On October 6, 2015, this effort culminated in the opening of a new simulation center, originally named the Anesthesia Center for Education Research and Evaluation (ACERE). In recognition of Dr. Wood’s outstanding two decades of leadership of our Department, ACERE was renamed the Margaret Wood Center for Simulation and Education.   

The Margaret Wood Center for Simulation and Education will provide training to members of the Department as part of an effort to modernize education, increase patient safety, and develop team-building skills using the most advanced learning techniques.  The Center includes an operating room, a recovery room or ICU, a conference debriefing room, a standardized patient/task training room, and an anesthesia workroom.  The Center will utilize computer driven mannequins that have the capability to breathe, talk, and have a pulse. Procedural trainers for point of care ultrasound, echocardiography, central line placement, and bronchoscopy are available.  The simulation center has audiovisual capabilities in all rooms including the main hallway.   



Oliver Panzer elected to Apgar Academy of Medical Educators

Dr. Panzer has been elected to the Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators.  Dr. Panzer has been particularly active in developing innovative ways to teach ultrasound imaging.  Joining the Academy is an honor and a recognition of his work and talents, but it also represents his commitment to join the activity of the Academy.  He will be involved in giving workshops on education, coaching fellow faculty members on their teaching, mentoring junior educators, and/or contributing to the committees of the Academy. 





Minjae Kim received SCCM 2016 abstract award

We would like to congratulate Minjae Kim as one of the recipients of the 2016 SCCM Star Research Achievement Awards. 

Title: Interaction Effects of Multiple Complications on Postoperative Mortality in General Surgery











Robert Maniker receives the FAER Education Award

Congratulations to our own Dr. Maniker who has received $100,000 for his project entitled “Validation of an Objective, Practical and Real-Time Assessment of Regional Anesthesia Procedural Skills”.    

The project will evaluate the practical use of a 7-item global rating scale (GRS) for the assessment of regional anesthesia procedure skills by direct observation. The Anesthesia Toolbox platform will be used to deliver uniform rater training materials and collect large-scale data on the tool’s implementation by multiple programs. The tool will be tested for validity of its results, and longitudinal data from multiple programs will be used to define normalized score distributions and build standardized learning curves. The overall goals are to define a procedure assessment with valid and interpretable results that will allow training programs to document the achievement of competency milestones over time and aid in early identification of trainees who may benefit from additional training modalities.





Dr. Meghan Prin receives the ASA Resident Humanitarian Award

Congratulations to Dr. Meghan Prin who received the ASA Resident Humanitarian Award for her services to Global and International Health.  She was presented with her award in San Diego at this year’s ASA meeting.











November 2015

Getting to know you….Anthony Guerne

Anthony Guerne has recently joined the Department as our new Simulation Center Manager and is responsible for the day to day running of the Simulation Center, and also helping the faculty and trainees learn how to implement simulation based education as a teaching methodology.

Anthony has a broad experience of running simulation scenarios so he very much understands crisis situations in many hospitals in the NY area.  He has also been an EMT – Paramedic in the Northshore – LIJ Health System.

His Professional Education includes:

  • Harvard University Institute for Medical Simulation Instructor Training Course, 2011
  • METI Corporation; “Essentials of HPS Training Course”, 2010
  • Laerdal Corporation “Sim Man Instructors Course”, 2009

His office is in the Simulation Center on PH5.   Please drop by to say hello, and see how he can help you with simulation education.

Anthony, we are delighted to have you on board!  Welcome!


Columbia at the ASA: San Diego

Columbia Anesthesiology was once again well represented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Anesthesiology in October with 76 presentations from residents, fellows and faculty.  Of special note were awards that went to Drs. Tom Yocum and Meghan Prin.  Dr. Yocum received two awards for his research entitled “Selective Pharmacologic Targeting of the GABAA Receptor α4 Subunit in Airway Smooth Muscle to Alleviate Bronchoconstriction” which was selected as one of the top ten basic science abstracts for the meeting and also won first place in the resident research contest.  Dr. Prin was awarded the “2015 ASA Resident Humanitarian International Global Health Service Award” for her work in International Global Health.


ASA Events Handbook


Dr. Curry Receives a Virginia Apgar Grant of $5,000 for 2015/16

The Apgar Committee felt that Dr. Curry’s project, “Making Professionals Professional: Explicit Teaching of Professionalism in a Residency Program” was well conceived and had the potential to impact the field of medical education.

Congratulations to Dr. Curry!










October 2015

Getting to know you….Frances Antonetty

Frances Antonetty has recently joined the Department as our new Grants and Contracts Manager and is responsible for the administration of grants both within and outside the Department.  She is also involved in working with Dr. Charles Emala in Research Administration.

Frances came to us from the Columbia Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics where she was a Grants Financial Administrator, and previous to that she spent 10 years as a Grants Administrator in the Department of Pathology at Columbia.  So she is very experienced.

Please welcome Frances to the Department. She is here to help you with your grants, and also provide you with information about NIH and other Foundation Grants.  All budgets for grants that are submitted by the Department whether they require a letter from the Chair or not should be prepared by Frances.  Her office is on PH5.

Frances, we are delighted to have you on board!  Welcome!



Dr. Sladen Receives Physician of the Year Award from Columbia Nursing

The Department of Nursing, under the leadership of Wilhelmina Manzano, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, NYP Healthcare System have established  Physician of the Year Awards. The Award formally acknowledges members of the medical staff who consistently practice with nurses, in a collaborative and collegial manner. Nominees are identified by their nurse colleagues, and supported by other professional staff.

Dr. Robert Sladen was nominated by a nurse colleague from Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Mirella Rivera, RN, CNIII in collaboration with her SICU colleagues and the CTICU nursing staff.

The selection from a field of many impressive nominees and a rigorous selection process is truly an accomplishment.  Dr. Sladen was selected 2015 Physician of the Year in the Attending Physician category. The ceremony took place September 9, 2015 in Myrna Daniels Auditorium with opening remarks from Courtney Vose, the VP and CNO of Milstein. The ceremony was attended by:
Dr. Steve Corwin, CEO, Willie Manzano, CNO, Andria Castellanos, COO along with other winners of the 2015 POTYA.

Congratulations to Dr. Sladen!



September 2015

Congratulations to Meghan Prin and Guohua Li!

Meghan Prin

Meghan Prin, M.D. has been named as the first recipient of the ASA Resident Humanitarian Service Award.  Meghan is an outstanding individual who represents all that this award was designed to recognize.  Meghan has been contributing to international and community service from the earliest time in her career, having worked with underserved and under resourced populations from New Jersey to Ecuador, and Sub-Saharan Africa.  However, she has not just worked in these settings - what she has done that separates her from the others is that she has analyzed and published the results of her experiences and even presented her experiences at our specialty’s premiere honorific society—the AUA in Nashville this year.  It is critical that if we, as a society want to truly make a difference to improving human health through international outreach, we must report our results and outcomes to result in generalizable knowledge.  Meghan has clearly done that and this award recognizes her contributions for which we all congratulate her. Congratulations Meghan!





Guohua Li

Congratulations to Guohua Li, MD, DrPh who has recently been awarded the Excellence in Science Award from the American Public Health Association’s ICEH Section.  As you know Guohua is the M. Finster Professor of Anesthesiology and Vice-Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Professor of Epidemiology, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Director, Center for Health Policy and Outcomes in Anesthesia and Critical Care and Director, Center for Injury Epidemiology and Prevention at Columbia University.  He is simply one of the world’s outstanding epidemiologists.  For those of you who have recently joined the Department as new residents or fellows and may not have met him yet you should know that Guohua has already influenced your lives in ways that you probably never knew!  It was Guohua’s studies and work on the risks of teenage driving that resulted in the graduated licensing programs that many of you experienced as you first started driving.  It was not always like that, and as a result of Guohua’s work thousands of teenagers and their passengers are alive today who would have died in automobile wrecks before graduated licensing.  At the other end of the age spectrum he showed that it was safe for commercial airline pilots to fly up to age 65 so that they no longer had to retire at 60 and legislation to allow that to happen was passed.  Prevention of injury is central to the provision of safe health care, anesthesia and critical care and Guohua is mentoring and leading many of the junior faculty and fellows in studies to evaluate the factors resulting in adverse or suboptimal outcomes.  Guohua is a superb, thoughtful and rigorous investigator and mentor and I encourage those of you who are really serious about pursuing excellent science to take any opportunity to work with him.  Congratulations to Guohua on this prestigious award and recognition from his colleagues.  Please take the opportunity to congratulate Guohua!



August 2015

Dr. Michael Weinberger, A New York Best Doctor For 2015!

Dr. Anis Dizdarevic, A New York Best Doctor For 2015!

Castle Connolly Medical Ltd publishes an annual guidebook titled – “Top Doctors: New York Metro Area” which lists those whom Castle, Connolly considers among the top 10% of the region’s physicians. Drs. Michael Weinberger and Anis Dizdarevic are listed in the Pain Medicine Section.

Congratulations to Drs. Dizdarevic and Weinberger! We are really proud of them both.

July 2015

The Allen I. Hyman, MD Professor of Critical Care Anesthesiology (in Anesthesiology) is Established

In May 2015, the Columbia University Trustees voted to establish this new endowed chair, following a generous donation from Dr. Hyman to fund this chair.

The Department also honors Dr. Hyman with a named lectureship devoted to the History of Anesthesia, which was started in 1982.

Allen I. Hyman, M.D. was born in New York City and received his BA degree from Columbia University in 1955 and the MD degree in 1959 from the Albany Medical College in Albany, New York.  Following a rotating internship in Mount Sinai Hospital he became a pediatric resident at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.

In 1961 he decided to become an anesthesiologist and joined our residency program here at the N.Y. Presbyterian Medical Center.  He followed with special research training in neonatal physiology here and at the Nuffield Institute of Medical Research in Oxford, England.

Having joined the faculty of our department in 1965, Dr. Hyman dedicated himself to critical respiratory therapy in small infants. In 1980 his clinical activity moved toward adult critical care and he was appointed Co-Director of the Surgery-Anesthesiology Intensive Care Unit.

Dr.  Hyman was the Acting Chairman of our department in 1985-86 and the Vice Chairman until 1993.  In 1987 he was awarded a yearlong Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellowship and was appointed Health–Aide to Senator Bob Dole.  In 1993 Dr. Hyman became Chief of Staff and Chief Medical Officer at the Presbyterian Hospital. He became Senior Physician and Special Advisor to the CEO in 1999 and remained in this position until his retirement in 2003.  The Department of Anesthesiology thanks Dr. Hyman and his family for their generosity in making this Professorship possible. This is a wonderful gift, and will enable the Department to further the important goals of critical care medicine in Anesthesiology. 

The Professorship in Critical Care Anesthesiology will be held by the Division Director for Critical Care Medicine in the Department of Anesthesiology, and so the first holder of the Chair will be Dr. Robert N. Sladen.


Fahmina Jafri Appointed as Vice Chair for Finance

Recently the complexity of managing the finances of the Department has increased enormously reflecting both the growth of the Department and the necessary incorporation   of the various changes in the financial relationships among the Department, the Medical School and the Hospital.  The Department of Anesthesiology was fortunate in that we recognized early that these increases in financial complexity required us to recruit an experienced high level financial professional and we were doubly fortunate to recruit Fahmina Jafri, MBA as our Chief Financial Officer in 2009 from CitiGroup and a graduate from The Wharton Business School and The Stern Business School at NYU.In recognition of Fahmina’ s increased  responsibilities and importance to the financial health of the Department, effective immediately Fahmina will be appointed  as Department Vice Chair for Finance and Chief Financial Officer.

Every decision we make has financial consequences and conversely every financial decision we make has both downstream and upstream effects on our activities so that the financial leadership of the Department needs to develop financial modeling to understand and predict how proposed changes will affect us. Fahmina will provide the leadership for such financial insights, which will better position us to continue to prosper under an ever changing landscape. Please join me in congratulating Fahmina on her appointment as Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer.

Annual Academic Evening

Our annual Academic Evening was held on Wednesday, May 20th and Dr. Berend Mets, Eric A. Walker Professor and Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center was the judge for the research presentations.

We are pleased to announce the winners!

Johanna Mergeche
First Place (Clinical Research)
Mentor: E. Heyer

May Rabadi
First Place (Basic Research)
Mentor: H.T. Lee

Emily Vail
Second Place (Clinical Research)
Mentor: G. Li

Maya Mikami
Second Place (Basic Research)
Mentor: C. Emala

Alisa Chen
Best Case Report Award
Mentor: E. Heyer

Congratulations to our winners, and to all of those who presented!



June 2015

Construction Work Starts on the Anesthesia Simulation Center

Construction started on the new Anesthesia Simulation Center in May 2015, after many months of planning.  Drs. Wood, Moitra and Pang celebrate!  The center which has a debriefing/conference room, ICU, OR and training room should open in September 2015.



New $15 Million Gift for Study of CIPN and Sensory Neuroscience: Implications for Pain Medicine – Research That Makes a Difference

The Department of Neurology and the Columbia Translational Neuroscience Initiative will house a $15 million Thompson Family Foundation Initiative in CIPN and Sensory Neuroscience

The Department of Anesthesiology participates in a school-wide effort to improve the diagnosis and treatment of chemotherapy-induced polyneuropathy (CIPN). Neurotoxic drugs are common components of treatment regimens to cure or slow the growth of solid tumors or hematological malignancies. Although these drugs help save the lives of cancer patients, they may cause substantial neurological impairment and induce persistent neuropathic pain. The Thompson Family Foundation has committed $15 million to launch a new Research Initiative in CIPN and Sensory Neuroscience, which will be jointly directed by Serge Przedborski, MD, PhD, Ellen A Lumpkin, PhD and Richard Mayeux MD, MSc, Chair of the Department of Neurology. Joachim Scholz, MD of our Department and Michio Hirano, MD, will direct the Basic Research Core Facility of the Initiative. They will investigate the mechanisms of chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicity in vitro and in vivo and establish state-of-the-art behavioral testing facilities to assess somatosensory and motor functions in mice and rats. In collaboration with colleagues in the Departments of Dermatology, Pathology and Cell Biology, and the Motor Neuron Center of Columbia University they will create new cell-based models of CIPN. These will include patient-derived somatosensory neurons for the study of genetic risk factors of the disease and the evaluation of mechanism-based neuroprotective treatment. The Basic Research Core Facility is supported by a two-year grant of $474,000.

Our congratulations to Joachim!

To read more about Joachim Scholz click here.







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