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Muscular Dystrophy Services MDA ClinicThe Muscular Dystrophy Association is the largest supporter of ALS. MDA's current annual outlay of $46.5 million for Patient and Community Services accounts for the single largest portion of the Association's overall budget- $111 million and since its inception, the MDA has funded nearly 14,000 research projects at a total cost of some $400 million.

In addition to sponsoring our clinic and the professional staff, the MDA helps with:

  • Influenza vaccinations

  • Purchase of powered and manual wheelchairs

  • Purchase of leg braces

  • Assistance with cost of repairs (annually)

  • Transportation services for clinic appointments

  • Home Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

  • Nationwide network of support groups.

  • Updates about MDA's research efforts aimed at finding effective treatments and cures for ALS

  • Health Fairs

  • MDA-sponsored seminars

  • Health expos (demonstrating new technology for people with disabilities)

The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig MDA/ALS Research Center's ALS health care services coordinator is Connie Zayas. For more information or to sign up for services please contact her at or 212-682-5272.

The website for the MDA is

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