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Columbia University in the City of New York Medical Research with Animals
Columbia University in the City of New York Medical Research with Animals
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Columbia University conducts animal-based research according to the highest standards of care and oversight. We monitor our conduct for ongoing improvements. Our standard is to provide animals with medical care comparable to that received by hospital patients. For the Record:
All animal research is conducted at Columbia University with appropriate oversight.
All of the animal research conducted at Columbia University must first go through a rigorous review process. During this process, researchers must justify their research and the methods they intend to use, and obtain the approval of the University's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Researchers must show the potential value of their research – to lead either to potential new or improved therapies, or knowledge that may improve human lives. In addition, the researchers must answer: whether the research will provide new and useful information; whether animals are absolutely necessary for the result; whether a different species would answer the same question (i.e., a rat instead of a pig); and whether a smaller number of animals would be sufficient.

All proposals for animal research are reviewed by veterinarians. Key areas of review include programs for the physical and social well-being of the animals, anesthesia and analgesia regimens, and post-operative care.
Columbia University scientists are committed to the highest quality of animal care as they strive to achieve the next medical breakthroughs.
Our scientists continually take great precautions with the animals under their care and follow high standards of care required by both federal and University guidelines.  They do so out of respect for the animals and because it is the humane and moral thing to do.  Additionally, caring for the animals is essential to ensure a robust scientific outcome.
Medical care provided to the animals involved in our research is comparable to the care provided to hospital patients.
Columbia University adheres to national laboratory animal care guidelines—in fact, going beyond the requirements of these federal guidelines. Our research animals receive pre- and post-operative medications and treatments similar to those human patients receive in a hospital.

Veterinary care meetings allow veterinarians to discuss each animal’s progress and recommend additional care, whenever necessary. Enrichment programs are provided for animals, ensuring appropriate socialization and physical activity.
Columbia University engages in ongoing self-monitoring to continually improve the conduct of our research involving animals.
In response to ongoing self-monitoring, the Institute of Comparative Medicine at Columbia University continues to make modifications and improvements in the way our research involving animals is conducted.
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