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Human samples are a crucial resource for translational research. In 2010, the CCTI, jointly with the Transplant Initiative at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University created a sample processing core and biobank to facilitate translational research. The establishment of this core was made possible by a generous gift from Steven and Vivienne Segal. Its mission is to prospectively collect and store samples from recipients of all types of transplants and make these materials available to investigators for clinical research studies.

Sample description
Biological materials stored in the repository are derived from urine, blood or other clinical specimens. Serial samples are collected from transplant recipients at different time points, starting pre-transplant, as well as from donors. All samples are processed by trained personnel in sterile conditions following Standard Operating Procedures. Materials are aliquoted and cryopreserved in our secured facility. Freezers are kept on a 24h alarm system.

    Summary of available samples

    Sample schedule

    Standard Operating Procedures

Sample availability
Samples are available to all investigators within Columbia University upon approval by the biobank Steering Committee. Requesters are invited to fill out an application, describing their scientific objectives and proposed research plan.  Applications are reviewed by the biobank Steering Committee, which is composed of representatives from each transplant program. Note that IRB approval of the proposed research study is required for sample distribution.

Although our core is non-for-profit, we collect a fee per sample to cover the processing costs. For the CCTI sample request form, click the link below.

Sample Request Form

Processing and storage facility
Our facility can also provide custom services for a limited number of investigators. Services include custom processing and storing of private collections of samples. To inquire about custom services and fees, contact Dr. Emmanuel Zorn:


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