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    CCTI Director Dr. Megan Sykes Named IXA Honorary Member

    International Xenotransplantation Association's 14th Congress

    Dr. Megan Sykes to Give IXA Honorary Member Lecture for IXA 14th Congress, September, 2017

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    Science Immunology publishes CCTI paper

    Long-term maintenance of human naïve T cells through in situ homeostasis in lymphoid tissue sites

    Science Immunology has published a paper by the CCTI's Joseph Thome, et al, in their latest issue.


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    CCTI Abstract Selected for Oral Presentation at ASTS

    ASTS has selected a CCTI abstract for this years 17th Annual Winter Symposium.

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    Abstract Accepted by nPOD

    Network for Pancreatic Donors with Diabetes has accepted a CCTI abstract for presentation

    Drs. Remi Creusot and Jorge Postigo of the CCTI have had their latest abstract accepted by nPOD.


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    Transplantation Balancing Act.

    CCTI Paper Featured on Cover of Latest Science Immunology

    Transplantation Balancing Act

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    Dr. Donna Farber Symposium Talk

    HIV Research for Prevention

    CCTI Associate Director, Dr. Donna Farber to give symposium talk at HIV4RP 2016.


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    Dr. Donna Farber Keynote Lecture

    Great Lakes Transplant Immunology Forum

    CCTI Associate Director Dr. Donna Farber will give the keynote lecture at the 2016 Great Lakes Transplant Immunology Forum.

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    New publication in Science Immunology

    Bidirectional intragraft alloreactivity drives the repopulation of human intestinal allografts and correlates with clinical outcome

    Science Immunology publishes new CCTI findings on alloreactivity in human intestinal allografts.



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    Two Creusot Lab abstracts selected

    Dr. Remi Creusot and his lab have had two abstracts selected for presentation by the Immunology Diabetes Society.

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    CCTI abstract selected for poster presentation

    SITC 2016

    Rodney Macedo Gonzales abstract accepted for poster presentation at the 31st Annual Meeting of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer.