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CCTI Principal Investigator David Sachs among most cited authors in Journal of Immunology's first 100 years!

CCTI Principal Investigator and Columbia University Professor of Surgery Dr. David H. Sachs is listed among the most cited authors in the Journal of Immunology's first 100 years.

Dr. Sachs, Dr. Sachs has published over 700 articles in scientific journals. His research achievements include:

  1. Discovery of Ia (Class II) antigens in 1973;
  2. Development of monoclonal anti-bodies to MHC antigens;
  3. Development of a unique large animal model for transplantation using miniature swine;
  4. Use of mixed marrow reconstitution as a means of inducing specific transplantation tolerance; and
  5. Studies of specific transplantation tolerance to allografts and xenografts in murine, swine and primate models.

Dr. Sachs is a member of the Editorial Board of several journals in his field, including: Clinical Transplantation, Transplantation and Xenotransplantation. He is one of the three North American Editors of Transplantation and was the founding Editor of Xenotransplantation.

His two entries in the 100 Most Cited Articles in the journal are #29, "Hybridoma cell lines secreting monoclonal antibodies to mouse H-2 and Ia antigens" and #74,"Monoclonal antibodies to mouse MHC antigens. III. Hybridoma antibodies reacting to antigens of the H-2b haplotype reveal genetic control of isotype expression". We're proud to have recently welcomed Dr. Sachs to the CCTI after many years of distinguished collaboration and congratulate him on this illustrious achievement!