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Berrie Frontiers Fellowship Awarded

Jorge Postigo, PhD was awarded the 2015 Berrie Frontiers Fellowship. Dr. Postigo is a postdoctoral scientist in the lab of Remi Creusot, PhD, at the Columbia Center for Translational Immunology. The fellowship will allow Dr. Postigo to work on improving the effectiveness of DNA vaccines for Type 1 Diabetes. DNA vaccines target auto-reactive immune cells, and modify their ability to destroy pancreatic cells. Dr. Postigo's project will help determine the best way to administer DNA vaccines, and test different versions for optimal uptake and therapeutic efficacy.

The Berrie Frontiers Fellowship is given annually to support a junior diabetes investigator at CUMC. The fellowship provides an opportunity for intensive training in a biomedical research laboratory and contributes $130,000 toward the fellow's research program.

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