Current Research Projects

P01 HL47540 (PI: J.E. Schwartz, T.P. Pickering)                          1993-2015 (NCE )           $12,419,085
Psychosocial Factors and Cardiovascular Disease

This Program Project represents a continuation of our existing Program Project, which has been supported by NHLBI since 1985, and comprises a body of work that focuses on the role of psychosocial factors in the development of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.  These projects focus on a set of inter-related themes concerning the causes and consequences of sustained blood pressure elevation.
Project 1: Masked Hypertension: A Prospective Study of the Development of Hypertension
This study will continue our investigation of MHT through 5-year follow-up exams to assess whether MHT leads to development of essential HT, progression of CV target organ damage (TOD), and increased risk of CV disease (CVD).
Project 2: Psychophysiological Mechanisms in Masked Hypertension
This study will examine physiological and psychological factors associated with delayed post-stress BP recovery, the process we hypothesize contribute to the high daytime BP that is characteristic of MHT. 
Project 3: Improving the Detection of Hypertension: A Diagnostic Research Study
The long-term goal of this study is to improve the detection of HT, including those with MHT, so that treatment decisions are better informed, progression of TOD is slowed, and cardiovascular risk reduced.
P01 HL088117 (PI: K. Davidson)                                                     2008-2014 (NCE)           $12,479,004
Depression, Biobehavioral Mechanisms, & CHD/Mortality Outcomes     
The goal is to explain the increased prognostic risk in depressed cardiac patients for major adverse cardiac events &/or all cause mortality by dissecting depression into key psychological & biological components & correlates.
 K24 HL084034 (PI: K. Davidson)                                                     2006-2016                $910,075
Midcareer Mentoring in Behavioral Cardiology: Depression & Cardiovascular Disease
The goals of this study are to determine the point prevalence of underlying medical conditions known to cause depression and excess CHD recurrence/mortality in a large cohort of post-ACS patients and to determine if any of the above medical confounds explains some of the excess risk of depression for CHD recurrence/mortality controlling for standard covariates.
K23HL098359 (PI: I. Kronish)                                                          2010-2015       $546,361        
Uncontrolled Hypertension: The Role of Clinical Inertia and Medication Adherence
This patient-oriented research award tests the effectiveness of a pilot intervention to improve clinician management of hypertension by electronically monitoring adherence to blood pressure medications and then providing clinicians with quantitative reports summarizing patient adherence. The grant will also assess predictors of uncontrolled hypertension.

R01HL117832 (PI: D. Edmondson)                                                          2013-2018       $3,155,309        
Impact of Social-Interpersonal Factors in the ER on PTSD/Cardiac Outcomes
The aim of the study is to identify modifiable ED and interpersonal factors associated with poor medical and psychological prognosis in ACS patients.