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Over its 24 years in existence, the ADRC has accumulated a rare and valuable body of resources. These include detailed clinical, neuroimaging, and genetic information; and biospecimens such as serum, CSF, and brain tissue.

Because of the importance of these resources, the ADRC has established a Resource Committee whose goal is to aid investigators in accessing and utilizing the resources and in fostering new research. Committee members include, Scott Small, Richard Mayeux, Larry Honig, Howard Andrews, Jean-Paul Vonsattel, Yaakov Stern, and Nicole Schupf.

In the case of biospecimens, however, these resources are limited. Therefore, the ADRC will create a web-based biospecimen requisition form (coming soon). Any investigator interested in utilizing biospecimens will be requested to fill out this form, and the Resource Committee will review them for approval.

In the case of data, not biospecimens,  that are included in the database (i.e., clinical, neuroimaging, and genetic information) there are clearly no limits to its usage. However, given the complexity of the database and the diversity of the included information, it still would be useful for many investigators to receive advice in how best to access information most relevant to a particular research question. Accordingly, the ADRC has created a web-based resource request form, which will be reviewed by the Resource Committee. The committee member most relevant to a particular research question will contact specific investigators and offer their services.

To submit a request for resources, please click the link below.